DC Comics Chronology - Revised v.1.0 (1973)[h33t][DjDeeDee]

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The DC Chronology continues. Revised with a slightly different approach.
This time, sorted by year and month of release.

Updated with c2c scans,new scans or better scans. All included in this revised edition.
Still there is some issues missing, and I have not checked all scans. Some mistakes will likely occur.

Hope you all like it.
Thanks to all the scanners, and contributors!



Category: Comics Size: 6.49 GB Files: File Name Size 01-Jan/09898 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-15.cbr 56.53 MB 01-Jan/09891 Wonder Woman 205.cbr 43.18 MB 01-Jan/09893 Phantom Stranger 024 (1973).cbr 31.02 MB 01-Jan/09908 Strange Adventures 241.cbr 29.07 MB 01-Jan/09887 Brave and the Bold 106.cbr 28.98 MB 01-Jan/09914 Love Stories 149.cbz 27.53 MB 01-Jan/09913 House of Mystery 212.cbr 24.49 MB 01-Jan/09912 Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 10.cbr 22.60 MB 01-Jan/09917 House of Secrets 106.cbr 21.60 MB 01-Jan/09919 Unexpected 145.cbr 21.34 MB 01-Jan/09895 G I Combat 159.cbr 19.77 MB 01-Jan/09922 G.I. War Tales 01 (c2c).cbr 19.04 MB 01-Jan/09892 Mister Miracle 013.cbr 18.43 MB 01-Jan/09907 Our Fighting Forces 142.cbz 17.29 MB 01-Jan/09896 Korak Son of Tarzan 51.CBR 16.36 MB 01-Jan/09890 Our Army At War 255.cbr 16.14 MB 01-Jan/09901 Wanted the World's Most Dangerous Villains 7.cbr 15.22 MB 01-Jan/09909 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 157.CBR 14.42 MB 01-Jan/09920 Action Comics 422.cbr 14.10 MB 01-Jan/09923 Tarzan 218.cbr 14.02 MB 01-Jan/09889 Ghosts 013.cbr 13.49 MB 01-Jan/09911 Demon 7.cbr 13.37 MB 01-Jan/09921 Detective Comics 433.cbr 13.28 MB 01-Jan/09924 Weird Mystery Tales 5.cbr 12.79 MB 01-Jan/09905 Challengers of the Unknown 79.cbr 12.51 MB 01-Jan/09900 Superman 262.cbr 12.08 MB 01-Jan/09902 Witching Hour 29.cbr 11.94 MB 01-Jan/09899 Secrets of Sinister House 10.cbr 11.00 MB 01-Jan/09904 Weird War Tales 12.cbr 9.92 MB 01-Jan/09894 Trigger Twins 001 (1973).cbz 7.01 MB 01-Jan/09915 Supergirl v1 4.cbr 7.00 MB 01-Jan/09916 Doom Patrol 123.cbr 5.29 MB 01-Jan/09906 Legion of Super-Heroes 2.CBR 4.90 MB 01-Jan/09903 Kamandi 4.cbr 4.82 MB 01-Jan/09918 Star Spangled War Stories 168 (Missing).jpg 74.14 KB 01-Jan/09910 Young Love 103 (Missing).jpg 69.43 KB 01-Jan/09888 Falling In Love 140 (Missing).jpg 63.23 KB 01-Jan/09897 Young Romance 192 (Missing).jpg 60.25 KB 02-Feb/09929 100 Page Super Spectacular 16 (Sgt.Rock).cbr 48.50 MB 02-Feb/09949 Four-Star Battle Tales 002 (1973).cbr 30.95 MB 02-Feb/09931 Swamp Thing 004 (1973-05) (36pg) (c2c).cbr 30.76 MB 02-Feb/09945 Shazam 002 (1973).cbr 26.01 MB 02-Feb/09933 Young Romance 193.cbr 23.65 MB 02-Feb/09946 World's Finest Comics 217.cbr 22.84 MB 02-Feb/09928 Weird Worlds 05 (1973-05).cbr 22.31 MB 02-Feb/09942 House of Mystery 213.cbr 21.83 MB 02-Feb/09944 Secrets Of Sinster House 011 (1973) (c2c).cbr 21.82 MB 02-Feb/09953 House of Secrets 107.cbr 21.45 MB 02-Feb/09950 Johnny Thunder 2.CBR 20.59 MB 02-Feb/09948 Flash 221.cbr 19.92 MB 02-Feb/09930 G I Combat 160.cbr 19.83 MB 02-Feb/09936 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 130.CBR 19.78 MB 02-Feb/09954 Star Spangled War Stories 169.cbr 18.36 MB 02-Feb/09957 Action Comics 423.cbr 18.09 MB 02-Feb/09934 From Beyond the Unknown 22.cbr 16.80 MB 02-Feb/09932 Weird Western Tales 17.cbr 16.50 MB 02-Feb/09958 Adventure Comics 427.cbr 14.96 MB 02-Feb/09947 Demon 8.cbr 14.83 MB 02-Feb/09960 Metal Men 43 (c2c).cbr 14.33 MB 02-Feb/09955 Sword of Sorcery 2.CBR 14.32 MB 02-Feb/09959 Detective Comics 434.cbr 13.12 MB 02-Feb/09937 Witching Hour 30.cbr 12.99 MB 02-Feb/09925 Ghosts 14.cbr 12.67 MB 02-Feb/09935 Superman 263.cbr 12.39 MB 02-Feb/09927 Our Army at War 256.cbr 11.06 MB 02-Feb/09956 Unexpected 146.cbr 11.04 MB 02-Feb/09951 Superboy 194.cbr 10.50 MB 02-Feb/09943 Secret Origins 2.cbr 10.44 MB 02-Feb/09961 Tarzan 219.cbr 8.79 MB 02-Feb/09941 Weird War Tales 13.cbr 8.32 MB 02-Feb/09926 Justice League of America 105.cbr 7.97 MB 02-Feb/09938 Batman 248.cbr 7.48 MB 02-Feb/09940 Legion of Super-Heroes 3.CBR 6.46 MB 02-Feb/09939 Kamandi 5.cbr 4.58 MB 02-Feb/09952 Girls' Love Stories 177 (Missing).jpg 92.29 KB 03-March/09972 Superman 264.cbr 35.51 MB 03-March/09969 Wanted, The World's Most Dangerous Villains #008 (1973) (c2c).cbr 29.98 MB 03-March/09966 Brave and the Bold 107.cbr 28.22 MB 03-March/09985 Our Fighting Forces 143 (1973) (c2c).cbz 26.38 MB 03-March/09975 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-17.cbr 26.20 MB 03-March/09989 Strange Adventures 242.cbr 22.97 MB 03-March/09983 Challengers of the Unknown 80.cbr 21.85 MB 03-March/09990 Unexpected 147.cbr 21.73 MB 03-March/09988 House of Secrets 108.cbr 21.05 MB 03-March/09967 G I Combat 161.cbr 20.40 MB 03-March/09965 Wonder Woman 206.cbr 18.38 MB 03-March/09968 Mister Miracle 14.cbr 18.13 MB 03-March/09982 Young Love 104.cbz 17.86 MB 03-March/09970 Korak Son of Tarzan 52.CBR 17.40 MB 03-March/09980 House of Mystery 214.cbr 16.79 MB 03-March/09981 Shazam 3.cbr 15.24 MB 03-March/09977 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 158.CBR 14.61 MB 03-March/09979 Batman 249.cbr 14.47 MB 03-March/09987 Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 11.cbr 14.26 MB 03-March/09995 Action Comics 424.cbr 14.04 MB 03-March/09997 G.I. War Tales 02 (25p).cbz 13.58 MB 03-March/09996 Detective Comics 435.cbr 13.53 MB 03-March/09978 Weird War Tales 14.cbr 13.36 MB 03-March/09963 Ghosts 15.cbr 13.14 MB 03-March/09991 Demon 9.cbr 12.49 MB 03-March/09994 Weird Mystery Tales 6.cbr 11.89 MB 03-March/09974 Witching Hour 31.cbr 10.96 MB 03-March/09971 Phantom Stranger 25.cbr 10.75 MB 03-March/09986 Superboy 195.cbr 9.55 MB 03-March/09973 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 131.CBR 8.95 MB 03-March/09964 Our Army at War 257.cbr 6.54 MB 03-March/09998 Supergirl v1 5.cbr 6.39 MB 03-March/09999 Tarzan 220.cbr 5.96 MB 03-March/09992 Doom Patrol 124.cbr 5.30 MB 03-March/09976 Kamandi 6.cbr 4.31 MB 03-March/09984 Love Stories (Former Heart Throbs) 150 (Missing).jpg 85.12 KB 03-March/09962 Falling In Love 141 (Missing).jpg 74.14 KB 03-March/09993 Star Spangled War Stories 170 (Missing).jpg 69.36 KB 04-April/10013 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-18.cbr 47.31 MB 04-April/10006 Swamp Thing 005 (1973-08) (36pg) (c2c).cbr 30.94 MB 04-April/10022 Four-Star Battle Tales 003 (1973).cbr 25.70 MB 04-April/10033 Metal Men 44.cbr 24.69 MB 04-April/10021 World's Finest Comics 218.cbr 22.42 MB 04-April/10026 Unexpected 148.cbr 21.69 MB 04-April/10014 House of Mystery 215.cbr 18.10 MB 04-April/10007 Weird Western Tales 18.cbr 16.04 MB 04-April/10031 Action Comics 425.cbr 15.36 MB 04-April/10028 Flash 222.cbr 15.33 MB 04-April/10017 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 132.CBR 14.70 MB 04-April/10018 Batman 250.cbr 14.05 MB 04-April/10009 From Beyond the Unknown 23.cbr 13.95 MB 04-April/10012 Witching Hour 32.cbr 13.90 MB 04-April/10025 Sword of Sorcery 3.CBR 13.85 MB 04-April/10005 Superman 265.cbr 13.69 MB 04-April/10003 Weird Worlds 6.cbr 13.29 MB 04-April/10010 G I Combat 162.cbr 12.86 MB 04-April/10027 Demon 10.cbr 12.60 MB 04-April/10000 Ghosts 16.cbr 12.26 MB 04-April/10029 House of Secrets 109.cbr 11.57 MB 04-April/10004 Secret Origins 3.cbr 10.40 MB 04-April/10024 Superboy 196.cbr 10.21 MB 04-April/10016 Secrets of Sinister House 12.cbr 9.99 MB 04-April/10023 Girls' Love Stories 178.cbz 8.57 MB 04-April/10030 Johnny Thunder 3 [1973] (remix).cbr 8.47 MB 04-April/10032 Adventure Comics 428.cbr 8.29 MB 04-April/10035 Tarzan 221.cbr 8.20 MB 04-April/10020 Weird War Tales 15.cbr 7.56 MB 04-April/10001 Justice League of America 106.cbr 7.28 MB 04-April/10002 Our Army at War 258.cbr 7.17 MB 04-April/10019 Shazam 4.cbr 7.00 MB 04-April/10015 Legion of Super-Heroes 4.CBR 4.86 MB 04-April/10011 Kamandi 7.cbr 3.58 MB 04-April/10008 Young Romance 194 (Missing).jpg 84.14 KB 04-April/10034 Star Spangled War Stories 171 (Missing).jpg 66.06 KB 05-May/10047 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-19.cbr 69.82 MB 05-May/10067 Weird Mystery Tales 7.cbr 36.61 MB 05-May/10037 Ghosts 17.cbr 33.31 MB 05-May/10045 Phantom Stranger 026 (1973).cbr 32.81 MB 05-May/10054 Our Fighting Forces 144 (36pg) (c2c).cbr 29.82 MB 05-May/10059 Strange Adventures 243.cbr 28.11 MB 05-May/10043 Brave and the Bold 108.cbr 26.76 MB 05-May/10041 Superman v1 #266 (36pg) (1973-08) (c2c).cbz 26.14 MB 05-May/10036 Falling In Love 142.cbz 24.10 MB 05-May/10039 Wonder Woman 207.cbr 21.88 MB 05-May/10063 Limited Collectors' Edition C-21.CBR 21.69 MB 05-May/10068 Action Comics 426.cbr 19.67 MB 05-May/10057 House of Secrets 110.cbr 17.53 MB 05-May/10055 Prez 1 (c2c) (36pg) [1973-09].cbz 16.30 MB 05-May/10044 G I Combat 163.cbr 15.28 MB 05-May/10042 Wanted the World's Most Dangerous Villains 9.cbr 15.12 MB 05-May/10046 Witching Hour 33.cbr 14.85 MB 05-May/10040 Mister Miracle 15.cbr 12.80 MB 05-May/10051 Korak Son of Tarzan 53.CBR 12.73 MB 05-May/10069 Detective Comics 436.cbr 12.33 MB 05-May/10062 G.I. War Tales 03 (1973-09).cbr 12.25 MB 05-May/10049 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 159.CBR 10.61 MB 05-May/10056 Unexpected 149.cbr 10.40 MB 05-May/10061 Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 12.cbr 10.20 MB 05-May/10052 Weird War Tales 16.cbr 7.48 MB 05-May/10050 House of Mystery 216.cbr 7.28 MB 05-May/10038 Our Army at War 259.cbr 7.04 MB 05-May/10060 Demon 11.cbr 6.96 MB 05-May/10064 Star Spangled War Stories 172.cbr 6.95 MB 05-May/10065 Supergirl v1 6.cbr 6.16 MB 05-May/10066 Tarzan 222.cbr 5.81 MB 05-May/10048 Kamandi 8.cbr 5.13 MB 05-May/10058 Love Stories (Former Heart Throbs) 151 (Missing).jpg 75.54 KB 05-May/10053 Young Love 105 (Missing).jpg 59.97 KB 06-June/10101 Action Comics 427.cbr 26.65 MB 06-June/10076 Swamp Thing 006 (1973-10) (36pg) (c2c).cbr 25.09 MB 06-June/10094 Girls' Love Stories 179 (c2c).cbr 24.79 MB 06-June/10079 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-20.cbr 23.64 MB 06-June/10086 Unexpected 150.cbr 22.11 MB 06-June/10099 House of Secrets 111.cbr 22.01 MB 06-June/10089 Secrets of Sinister House 13.cbr 21.27 MB 06-June/10080 G I Combat 164.cbr 20.78 MB 06-June/10103 Boy Commandos v2 #01.cbz 20.38 MB 06-June/10073 Weird Worlds 07 (1973-10).cbr 19.45 MB 06-June/10084 House of Mystery 217.cbr 17.21 MB 06-June/10083 From Beyond the Unknown 24.cbr 17.12 MB 06-June/10077 Weird Western Tales 19.cbr 16.47 MB 06-June/10102 Adventure Comics 429 (c2c) (1973-10).cbr 14.63 MB 06-June/10070 Ghosts 18.cbr 14.54 MB 06-June/10093 Four-Star Battle Tales 4.cbr 14.09 MB 06-June/10095 Plop 1.cbr 12.84 MB 06-June/10088 World's Finest Comics 219.cbr 12.46 MB 06-June/10075 Superman 267.cbr 12.44 MB 06-June/10096 Sword of Sorcery 4.CBR 12.28 MB 06-June/10091 Superboy 197.cbr 11.96 MB 06-June/10104 Star Spangled War Stories 173.cbr 11.69 MB 06-June/10097 Demon 12.cbr 11.16 MB 06-June/10100 Strange Sports Stories 1.cbr 11.13 MB 06-June/10087 Weird War Tales 17.cbr 11.01 MB 06-June/10082 Witching Hour 34.cbr 10.69 MB 06-June/10074 Secret Origins 4.cbr 9.90 MB 06-June/10072 Our Army at War 260.cbr 8.15 MB 06-June/10098 Flash 223.cbr 7.85 MB 06-June/10085 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 133.CBR 7.52 MB 06-June/10071 Justice League of America 107.cbr 7.00 MB 06-June/10090 Shazam 5.cbr 6.71 MB 06-June/10105 Tarzan 223.cbr 5.50 MB 06-June/10081 Kamandi 9.cbr 5.41 MB 06-June/10092 Batman 251.cbr 3.59 MB 06-June/10078 Young Romance 195 (Missing).jpg 68.44 KB 07-July/10117 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 160.CBR 48.02 MB 07-July/10111 Limited Collectors' Edition C-22 (Tarzan of the Apes).cbz 38.14 MB 07-July/10139 Strange Adventures 244.cbr 28.71 MB 07-July/10120 The Shadow 01 (1973-11) (c2c).cbr 27.97 MB 07-July/10125 Our Fighting Forces 145 (c2c).cbr 25.81 MB 07-July/10141 Star Spangled War Stories 174.cbr 24.82 MB 07-July/10114 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-21.cbr 24.74 MB 07-July/10142 Action Comics 428.cbr 23.82 MB 07-July/10135 Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 13.cbr 20.60 MB 07-July/10109 Wonder Woman 208.cbr 20.07 MB 07-July/10115 G I Combat 165.cbr 19.68 MB 07-July/10116 Phantom Stranger 27.cbr 19.65 MB 07-July/10138 Love Stories 152.cbr 19.09 MB 07-July/10130 Batman 252.cbr 18.97 MB 07-July/10126 Prez 2 (c2c) (36pg) [1973-11].cbz 17.79 MB 07-July/10118 House of Mystery 218.cbr 17.76 MB 07-July/10128 Unexpected 151.cbr 16.85 MB 07-July/10131 Shazam 6.cbr 15.36 MB 07-July/10146 Weird Mystery Tales 8.cbr 15.24 MB 07-July/10108 Our Army At War 261.cbr 15.14 MB 07-July/10122 Witching Hour 35.cbr 12.97 MB 07-July/10107 Ghosts 19.cbr 12.83 MB 07-July/10124 Korak Son of Tarzan 54.CBR 12.78 MB 07-July/10132 Superboy 198.cbr 12.29 MB 07-July/10113 Superman 268.cbr 11.84 MB 07-July/10136 G.I. War Tales 04.cbr 11.82 MB 07-July/10143 Detective Comics 437.cbr 11.42 MB 07-July/10127 Secrets of Sinister House 14.cbr 11.11 MB 07-July/10137 House of Secrets 112.cbr 10.85 MB 07-July/10110 Brave and the Bold 109.cbr 8.87 MB 07-July/10112 Mister Miracle 16.cbr 8.01 MB 07-July/10121 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 134.CBR 7.90 MB 07-July/10134 Demon 13.cbr 7.48 MB 07-July/10145 Tarzan 224.cbr 7.46 MB 07-July/10129 Weird War Tales 18.cbr 6.90 MB 07-July/10144 Supergirl v1 7.cbr 6.16 MB 07-July/10140 Champion Sports 1.cbr 5.43 MB 07-July/10119 Kamandi 10.cbr 4.62 MB 07-July/10133 Black Magic 1.cbr 3.93 MB 07-July/10106 Falling In Love 143 (Missing).jpg 75.92 KB 07-July/10123 Young Love 106 (Missing).jpg 75.16 KB 08-Aug/10151 100-Page Super Spectacular DC-22.cbr 32.36 MB 08-Aug/10171 Girls' Love Stories 180 (c2c).cbr 25.13 MB 08-Aug/10147 Ghosts 20.cbr 24.50 MB 08-Aug/10172 Plop! 02 (1973).cbr 23.62 MB 08-Aug/10153 Swamp Thing 007 (1973-12) (36pg) (c2c).cbr 23.41 MB 08-Aug/10160 House of Mystery 219.cbr 19.56 MB 08-Aug/10156 G.I. Combat 166 (c2c).cbz 17.18 MB 08-Aug/10149 Our Army at War 262.cbr 16.97 MB 08-Aug/10157 Superman v1 #269 (36pg) (1973-11) (c2c).cbz 16.75 MB 08-Aug/10165 Secrets of Sinister House 15.cbr 16.69 MB 08-Aug/10159 From Beyond the Unknown 25.cbr 15.52 MB 08-Aug/10182 Boy Commandos v2 #02.cbz 15.18 MB 08-Aug/10154 Weird Western Tales 20.cbr 15.08 MB 08-Aug/10181 Adventure Comics 430 (c2c) (1973-12).cbr 14.08 MB 08-Aug/10180 Action Comics 429.cbr 13.02 MB 08-Aug/10163 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 161.CBR 12.96 MB 08-Aug/10158 Witching Hour 36.cbr 12.78 MB 08-Aug/10168 World's Finest Comics 220.cbr 12.64 MB 08-Aug/10174 Sword of Sorcery 5.CBR 12.44 MB 08-Aug/10176 House of Secrets 113.cbr 12.15 MB 08-Aug/10152 Secret Origins 5.cbr 10.18 MB 08-Aug/10179 Strange Sports Stories 2.cbr 9.88 MB 08-Aug/10164 Weird War Tales 19.cbr 9.63 MB 08-Aug/10173 Superboy 199.cbr 9.59 MB 08-Aug/10169 Batman 253.cbr 8.91 MB 08-Aug/10162 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 135.CBR 8.72 MB 08-Aug/10150 Weird Worlds 08 (1973-12).cbr 8.36 MB 08-Aug/10177 Flash 224.cbr 8.26 MB 08-Aug/10175 Demon 14.cbr 8.05 MB 08-Aug/10178 Star Spangled War Stories 175.cbr 7.00 MB 08-Aug/10148 Justice League of America 108.cbr 6.72 MB 08-Aug/10170 Four-Star Battle Tales 5.cbr 6.71 MB 08-Aug/10167 Unexpected 152.cbr 6.51 MB 08-Aug/10183 Supergirl v1 8.cbr 6.29 MB 08-Aug/10166 Shazam 7.cbr 4.77 MB 08-Aug/10184 Tarzan 225.cbr 4.72 MB 08-Aug/10161 Kamandi 11.cbr 4.72 MB 08-Aug/10155 Young Romance 196 (Missing).jpg 84.59 KB 09-Sept/10207 Limited Collectors' Edition C-23 (House of Mystery) (1973).cbr 79.63 MB 09-Sept/10200 Young Love 107.cbr 69.78 MB 09-Sept/10194 Shazam 8.cbr 42.64 MB 09-Sept/10213 Detective Comics 438.cbr 33.64 MB 09-Sept/10193 The Shadow 02 (1974-01) (c2c).cbr 30.19 MB 09-Sept/10201 Prez 03 (1973-74).cbr 22.78 MB 09-Sept/10191 House of Mystery 220.cbr 20.80 MB 09-Sept/10206 Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 14.cbr 20.23 MB 09-Sept/10202 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 162.CBR 20.21 MB 09-Sept/10192 Phantom Stranger 28.cbr 20.06 MB 09-Sept/10190 G I Combat 167.cbr 19.96 MB 09-Sept/10185 Ghosts 21.cbr 19.67 MB 09-Sept/10211 Star Spangled War Stories 176.cbr 17.99 MB 09-Sept/10203 Unexpected 153.cbr 17.92 MB 09-Sept/10195 Superman v1 #270 (36pg) (1973-12) (c2c).cbz 16.85 MB 09-Sept/10197 Korak Son of Tarzan 55.CBR 14.51 MB 09-Sept/10212 Action Comics 430.cbr 12.64 MB 09-Sept/10187 Wonder Woman 209.cbr 11.97 MB 09-Sept/10199 Witching Hour 37.cbr 10.61 MB 09-Sept/10204 Weird War Tales 20.cbr 9.83 MB 09-Sept/10198 Our Fighting Forces 146 (1973) (20pg).cbr 9.01 MB 09-Sept/10186 Our Army at War 263.cbr 8.86 MB 09-Sept/10189 Mister Miracle 17.cbr 8.35 MB 09-Sept/10210 House of Secrets 114.cbr 6.87 MB 09-Sept/10188 Brave and the Bold 110.cbr 6.76 MB 09-Sept/10205 Demon 15.cbr 6.67 MB 09-Sept/10193 Shadow 2.cbr 6.23 MB 09-Sept/10214 Supergirl v1 9.cbr 5.76 MB 09-Sept/10215 Tarzan 226.cbr 5.03 MB 09-Sept/10196 Kamandi 12.cbr 3.92 MB 09-Sept/10209 Champion Sports 2.cbr 3.80 MB 09-Sept/10208 Black Magic 2.cbr 2.93 MB 10-Oct/10222 Young Romance 197.cbz 50.14 MB 10-Oct/10237 Batman 254.cbr 49.92 MB 10-Oct/10229 Superman 271 (1974-01).cbr 40.96 MB 10-Oct/10216 Weird Mystery Tales 9.cbr 38.39 MB 10-Oct/10240 Plop! 03 (1974).cbr 34.04 MB 10-Oct/10231 Witching Hour 38.cbr 28.00 MB 10-Oct/10220 Swamp Thing 008 (1974-02) (36pg) (c2c).cbr 25.27 MB 10-Oct/10226 Secrets of Sinister House 16.cbr 22.19 MB 10-Oct/10235 Unexpected 154.cbr 21.63 MB 10-Oct/10246 Tarzan 227 (1974).cbr 21.58 MB 10-Oct/10224 House of Mystery 221.cbr 21.21 MB 10-Oct/10219 Weird Worlds 09 (1974-02).cbr 18.05 MB 10-Oct/10218 Our Army at War 264.cbr 16.99 MB 10-Oct/10227 G I Combat 168.cbr 16.54 MB 10-Oct/10223 Ghosts 22.cbr 15.61 MB 10-Oct/10230 Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 136.CBR 15.55 MB 10-Oct/10233 Shazam 9.cbr 15.38 MB 10-Oct/10221 Weird Western Tales 21.cbr 14.76 MB 10-Oct/10225 Secret Origins 6.cbr 14.43 MB 10-Oct/10236 World's Finest Comics 221.cbr 12.98 MB 10-Oct/10243 Action Comics 431.cbr 12.68 MB 10-Oct/10234 Superboy 200.cbr 10.92 MB 10-Oct/10241 Weird War Tales 21.cbr 10.74 MB 10-Oct/10245 Strange Sports Stories 3.cbr 10.29 MB 10-Oct/10239 House of Secrets 115.cbr 9.75 MB 10-Oct/10244 Adventure Comics 431.cbr 6.83 MB 10-Oct/10217 Justice League of America 109.cbr 6.73 MB 10-Oct/10238 Flash 225.cbr 6.73 MB 10-Oct/10232 Demon 16.cbr 6.66 MB 10-Oct/10228 Kamandi 13.cbr 4.25 MB 10-Oct/10242 Star Spangled War Stories 177 (Missing).jpg 70.21 KB 11-Nov/10247 Our Army At War 265 (Missing Small Section of L.P) (1974).cbr 49.94 MB 11-Nov/10264 Superman v1 #272 (100pg) (1974-02) (c2c).cbz 42.76 MB 11-Nov/10269 Weird Mystery Tales 10 (c2c).cbr 36.78 MB 11-Nov/10254 House of Mystery 222.cbr 33.81 MB 11-Nov/10256 Phantom Stranger 029 (1974).cbr 31.01 MB 11-Nov/10260 The Shadow 03 (1974-03) (c2c).cbr 30.92 MB 11-Nov/10273 Action Comics 432.cbr 28.47 MB 11-Nov/10251 Limited Collector's Edition C-24 (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)(1974-02).cbr 27.28 MB 11-Nov/10274 Detective Comics 439.cbr 23.63 MB 11-Nov/10258 G I Combat 169.cbr 22.47 MB 11-Nov/10259 Korak Son of Tarzan 56.CBR 21.80 MB 11-Nov/10270 Weird War Tales 22.cbr 20.15 MB 11-Nov/10266 Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion 15.cbr 19.78 MB 11-Nov/10262 Unexpected 155.cbr 17.48 MB 11-Nov/10248 Wonder Woman 210.cbr 16.55 MB 11-Nov/10268 Prez 4 (c2c) (36pg) [1974-03].cbz 16.18 MB 11-Nov/10272 Star Spangled War Stories 178.cbr 15.93 MB 11-Nov/10265 Witching Hour 39.cbr 14.18 MB 11-Nov/10263 Our Fighting Forces 147 (1973).cbz 12.71 MB 11-Nov/10267 House of Secrets 116.cbr 11.44 MB 11-Nov/10257 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 163.CBR 11.30 MB 11-Nov/10253 Ghosts 23.cbr 11.12 MB 11-Nov/10252 Mister Miracle 18.cbr 8.39 MB 11-Nov/10250 Brave and the Bold 111.cbr 6.96 MB 11-Nov/10275 Tarzan 228.cbr 6.87 MB 11-Nov/10261 Shazam 10.cbr 6.08 MB 11-Nov/10255 Kamandi 14.cbr 3.66 MB 11-Nov/10271 Champion Sports 3.cbr 3.65 MB 11-Nov/10249 Young Love 108 (Missing).jpg 67.87 KB 12-Dec/10293 Batman 255.cbr 75.41 MB 12-Dec/10295 Weird War Tales 023 (c2c).cbr 45.01 MB 12-Dec/10290 Plop! 4 (1974).cbr 32.76 MB 12-Dec/10296 Action Comics 433.cbr 26.21 MB 12-Dec/10276 Our Army at War 266.cbr 26.14 MB 12-Dec/10277 Swamp Thing 009 (1974-03) (36pg) (c2c).cbr 24.94 MB 12-Dec/10279 Justice League of America 110.cbr 24.80 MB 12-Dec/10294 Star Spangled War Stories 179.cbr 23.27 MB 12-Dec/10289 House of Secrets 117.cbr 20.09 MB 12-Dec/10285 Superman v1 #273 (36pg) (1974-03) (c2c).cbz 15.66 MB 12-Dec/10284 Shazam 11.cbr 15.55 MB 12-Dec/10288 Flash 226.cbr 14.87 MB 12-Dec/10298 Strange Sports Stories 4.cbr 14.38 MB 12-Dec/10297 Adventure Comics 432 (c2c) (1974-04).cbr 14.33 MB 12-Dec/10299 Tarzan 229.cbr 13.57 MB 12-Dec/10286 Unexpected 156.cbr 13.03 MB 12-Dec/10287 Witching Hour 40.cbr 10.41 MB 12-Dec/10282 House of Mystery 223.cbr 10.28 MB 12-Dec/10280 Ghosts 24.cbr 10.24 MB 12-Dec/10292 World's Finest Comics 222.cbr 10.01 MB 12-Dec/10291 Superboy 201.cbr 9.35 MB 12-Dec/10281 G I Combat 170.cbr 5.55 MB 12-Dec/10283 Kamandi 15.cbr 4.15 MB 12-Dec/10278 Young Romance 198 (Missing).jpg 81.33 KB 414 files Added: 25/03/2011 Uploader: DjDeeDee Downloaded: 365 times Info Hash: bc1f2b46301070dcb3b7da346ce86531747ab4e8

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