She Hulk Vol 4 No 1 Dec 2005 Ebook

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Name : She Hulk Vol 4 No 1 Dec 2005

File Type : PDF

Size : 12190


The story opened with petite, somewhat mousey (compared with other comic book women) Jennifer Walters, a young lawyer with no real outstanding characteristics unless you count the fact that she had a famous relative ¡ª her cousin, Bruce Banner, was The Hulk. Cousin Bruce was visiting when a vengeful mob boss tried to rub her out in a shower of bullets. Being the only source available, Banner gave her some of his blood in an emergency transfusion. It saved her life, but at the cost of giving her Hulk-like characteristics. From then on, she would frequently be transformed into a super-strong, green-skinned giant, replete with primal emotions.


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